Published on February 12th, 2013 | by Stephen Williamson

About Your Nutrition Food Bank

Hey there Nutri-Blaster’s,

Hope you’re having a great week and are looking forward to our meeting this Friday (12:45-1:15) live on GoToMeeting! Our topic this week is about your nutrition bank.  I will be explaining, in depth, the food bank options, other options that may not be on our list, and any previously asked questions and new ones as well!

To give you a brief overview of the nutrition food bank:

A-Proteins (Meat, Poultry, Fish, etc.)

B-Low Glycemic Carb (is under about 60 on the Glycemic Index and will not spike your blood sugar to high to increase cravings. )

C- High Glycemic Carb (is above 70 on the Glycemic Index and will increase your blood sugar and most likely increase cravings.)

D- Fibrous (veggies and leafy greens, etc.)

E1 Ancillary- mostly higher healthy fat foods that can be eaten 1x daily

E2 Ancillary- foods like spices, herbs, and some no fat dressings that can be eaten anytime through your day

E3 Ancillary- Cheat foods typically ranging from 0-2x/week (depending on what your program is set to)

Some Frequently asked questions:
1. How will I fit enough protein in my day if I’m not typically a person who consumes a lot of protein?
As an example, you can substitute, for convenience or if you do not like a lot of meats, a lean protein shake or pasteurized egg whites that are made into a shake or cooked.
2. Does the post workout shake and fruit (nutrient timing meal) count as part of my calorie intake for the day?
No, it does not. It can be looked at as replenishing the body with necessary nutrients and electrolytes that have been lost during your workout.
3. When is the best time to have my “cheat meal” during my day?
Typically, we advise you to chose a time before dinner and not later than 4 hours before bed.
Please join us on the live meeting for any questions or more clarification on the details of your nutrition food banks so you are able to thrive and succeed with your programs!
We are here to help!

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